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John Taarnby, Managing Director 
TAARNBY Real Estate

I really love the product. It's great.

And I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves the industry.


of surveyed Australian's reported they would find a home more attractive to buy or rent if the energy efficiency of the home was known.

Our software and solutions is your unfair advantage

Home carbon footprint

sustainability rating

Energy efficiency score

Bespoke home improvement recommendations

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How we can
work with you

Create multiple touchpoints with potential clients, while delivering valuable behavioural insights to help drive deeper client conversations.

Boost your leads

Guide the property journey

Home Efficiency Report

Be the first to create new value for your clients with this innovative ValAi Home Efficiency report. Win more listings and attract new clients with a sustainable edge.

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Data suppliers

Our Value to Real Estate professionals

Comprehensive green property data and insights

Sophisticated valuation models

Provide energy efficiency, sustainability and cost of living data at time of sale and rent.

Identify and incentivise underperforming homes to transition for maximum sale price uplift

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Take advantage of our platform and manage multiple properties across your team.


Plans & Solutions

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Ideal for large corporate firms and government agencies.

A proud member of

Win more listings

Homes with high energy efficiency ratings (as presented in online advertising) are significantly more valuable than equivalent homes with no information about energy efficiency ratings.

Present the property energy performance at time of listing and demonstrate the sustainability features of the property to increase its saleability


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