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Climate data
for residential assets

Data and digital products to integrate climate action into any customer experience.

Our Supporters

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Empower your customers to understand, report and address their emissions.

Val.Ai™ provides tools for integrating climate action into any customer experience through automated emissions calculations, dynamic whole-of-home sustainability rating, household energy efficiency scores, a vetted marketplace of suppliers, carbon offsets, and financed emissions reporting.

Val.AI is concerned about the rising cost of living and has released the Home Efficiency Report for every home owner, landlord and renter to model their current home energy efficiency, then identify the top upgrades that will reduce energy costs, increase their property value, and improve the comfort of their home - all while reducing carbon emissions.


We asked customers to rate their overall experience of the Val.Ai commercial offering.

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User Testing

Industry Trials

Dark Roofs Housing Complex

Flexible digital tools

Integrate climate action into Point of Sale, loan origination, asset valuation, compliance reporting flows, and more with customised, user-friendly interfaces and our flexible API.


Bridging data and finance across your network

Track and share asset data

across your supply chain with confidence, and build value across your entire network.

High Density Housing

Enterprise reporting

Communicate impact with all the documentation you and your customers need for voluntary- or compliance-driven programs.

Val.Ai is an Australian climate technology and data provider on a mission to embed climate action into our economic systems.

Decarbonisation is everyone's business and Val.Ai  is committed to ensuring no household is left behind in our journey to net zero.

Rianne van Veldhuizen, Managing Director Amazon Web Services ANZ

“Val.Ai’s customers can now leverage insightful data to help inform and motivate their households to decrease its carbon footprint and help reduce its impact on the environment.”


Val.Ai's innovative approach brings industry together to increase efficiency and drive positive change.


Val.Ai can provide industry-endorsed, secure digital assets via a distributed ledger with data integrity and assurance at their heart.


Val.Ai combines big data, artificial intelligence and climate insights to inform business decision-making.


Solutions for lenders, insurers, homeowners and the property sector with the drive to de-carbonise 1 million homes by 2030.

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