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Managing the
climate risk of homes has never been easier

Discover how our data and digital solutions empower businesses to reach their residential decarbonisation goals

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Grow your portfolio and reduce its carbon footprint with our data insights and digital technologies


Home Efficiency Solutions

Nurture your customers' home electrification journey. Understand a home's energy efficiency, retrofit actions with highest return on investment and drive consumer-led action.



Accurately identify the carbon risk of residential assets, at the individual asset level to a whole portfolio in minutes.


Assessor Pro

Administer detailed in-home energy efficiency assessments across your team and portfolio in minutes.


Home Efficiency Report

Simple home energy analysis report to incentivise your customers next actions to increase comfort, market value, resilience and energy savings.

How we're different

We offer a holistic suite of digital solutions that spans the entire residential asset value chain

We guide and educate homeowners with actionable insights to enable you to electrify homes across your portfolio


Purchase on demand data through the ValAi centralised platform to meet your risk reporting obligations.

Rianne van Veldhuizen,
Managing Director Amazon Web Services ANZ

“ValAi’s customers can now leverage insightful data to help inform and motivate their households to decrease its carbon footprint and help reduce its impact on the environment.”

We asked customers to rate their overall experience of the ValAi commercial offering

75% of respondents gave a good score of 4 out of 5 stars 

The other 25% of respondents gave a great score of 5 out of 5 stars 

Decarbonisation is everyone's business and we're committed to ensuring no household is left behind in our journey to net zero 

We provide advanced algorithms to report the climate risk of homes and scalable digital engagement solutions to nurture the home electrification journey


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