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Property Valuation

Unlock the future of property data

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Tyrone Hodge, Chief Product Officer
Global Valuations, JLL

Val.Ai offers a rapid, consistent and practical approach to understand the performance of any residential property. For owners the tool give instant options to improve the rating of the building and for lenders it is an instant solution for rating the performance of an asset and ultimately a loan portfolio.

What we do

Val.Ai are a national provider of property data and analytics, our clients turn to us to help them capitalise on growth opportunities, improve business performance and manage risk.

We provide valuable climate data insights to you and your customers.

Home carbon calculator

sustainability rating

Energy efficiency score

Home improvement recommendation engine

Valuation Industry benefits

Green tag assets that have transitioned

Data and analytics for better understanding of risk profile

De-risk client portfolios

Transparency and auditability

Improve the resilience and

wellbeing of householders

Overall it was easy to use!

Katherine S., 
Assistant Valuer, Opteon

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 3.42.24 pm.png

How our solution helps valuers

Adapt to changing market demands and regulatory landscapes

Assist with requirements to report financial exposure to climate change risk

Quantify, understand and improve residential assets with significant carbon footprints

Identify and incentivise underperforming and homes to transition

Home Efficiency Report

Easier than ever for valuers to tap into our rich data ecosystem and produce a Home Efficiency Report, while accessing the latest innovations in artificial intelligence.

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Download report function was very easy to use. Overall, the process took around one to five minutes.


Bill L., 
Senior Valuer, JLL

Built for scale

At the forefront of global standards

Our technology has been developed in-line with Australian standards and Global Greenhouse Gas Emission data.

Data suppliers

The platform to assess and manage green property data

Market Insights


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